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To let me know of an upcoming Car Show, Bike Show or Swap Meet that is not listed. Email: pinky@pinky.com.au

Billy-Joe is a revhead too

PINKY is recognised as Australia's leading Motor Show Announcer (Street Machine Magazine - September 2002).

A former representative motorbike racer, PINKY, has spent over forty years in the Entertainment Industry. Not only has he appeared on stage, he has worked in Radio, Television and the Club Industry. PINKY is also a LIFE MEMBER (#118) of the Australian Entertainment Industries  prestigious MO AWARDS. The highlight of his past career, (a six week tour of New Zealand, as Compere Comedian, with five Penthouse Pets in 1984. He claims it was a 'hard' tour).

    PINKY's high profile style of announcing means maximum exposure for all sponsors to a virtually unlimited number of people at events. Estimated at over one million motor orientated people per year.

Advanced Airbrush artwork on Pinkys car    PINKY is Australia's only full professional full time  Motor Show Announcer.

Pinkys Family Crest     PINKY utilises the microphone to maximum advantage, ensuring people listen to what he has to say. His powerful, yet pleasant voice, has been praised many times over. Not only from the public, but also promoters, and more importantly, trade sponsors and trade presenters.


"His enthusiastic delivery was enough to get spectators and rodders alike interested in the action, no matter where they were in the complex, and they wandered over to watch. It's one thing to simply announce that an activity will be taking place at such-and-such a time, but to have a professional announcer giving a running play-by-play of the event really brings in the spectators. Pinky did an outstanding job all weekend."    American Street Rodder Magazine. September 1997


Pinky, Thanks for the excellent service you have provided during the years at the Hot Car Titles. The event was so much more professional with your skilful announcing. Not only are you a true professional, but both Kathy and I are proud to call you a mate.
All the best,     Paul & Kathy Beck. Extreme Magazine - Performance. Style. Attitude! 2003


"Your music and your commentating skills has been greatly received by all exhibitors at our Supershow. Over the nine days of the show we never got one complaint. Pinky, you were fantastic."     Sylvia Franklin. Organiser. Caravan and Camping Supershow. Rosehill Gardens. NSW 2003.


"Gordon 'Pinky' Fellows – probably the best announcer on the show car scene today".      Graeme Rutgers. Promoter. Holden Ford Nationals 2003


"Pinky. How in the hell am I to tell people who may ring who the greatest announcer and showman this country has ever seen is, if they can't reach me"         Ugo Giometti.  SP Statewide Promotions.  0418 256 049  

The Man They Call PINKY



  • Morning Announcer 2RRR - 8 years Mon. to Fri. (1981-1989).

  • Awards for Best Station Announcer, Best Programme. 1988 1989

  • Australasian Award for Best Country Music Presenter, 1988. (source: National Country Beat).

  • Morning Announcer, 89.9FM, Hawkesbury Radio, 5 years, Mon. to Fri. (1990-1995).

  • Drive time Announcer. 89.9FM, Hawkesbury Radio, 5 years, (1999-2003)


              Super Flying Fun Show, E Street, Sons and Daughters, Raffertys Rules, 5 Mile Creek,

              Thank God its Friday, Etc.


              Archer, Green, Burke and Wills, Mad Max III, Spanish Horseman, Etc.


              Snappy Tom, Ford Laser, Pioneer Car Radio, Green Owl, Smiths Lite Crisps, Etc.

Special Events

  • Blacktown RAS show, (22 years).                  

  • Penrith RAS show, (17 years).

  • Campbelltown RAS Show, (16 years).

  • Chrysler On The Murray (continuous since 1998)

  • All Holden Day. NSW. (continuous since 1998)

  • Victorian Hot Rod Titles (continuous since 1996)

  • Summernats (continuous since 1996)

  • Caravan Camping Industry Assoc. Penrith Supershow (continuous since 2001)

  • Caravan Camping Industry Assoc. Batemans Bay (continuous since 2001)

  • Caravan Camping Industry Assoc. Rosehill Supershow (continuous since 2002)

  • All Ford Day (1999 - 2004), continuous since 2009)

  • All Chrysler Day (7 years)

  • Bright Rod Run (6 years)

  • Australian Motor Expos Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney (5 years)

  • Old Bar Beach Festival

  • Eden Whale Festival

  • NSW Drag Boat Titles,  (7 years)

  • Australian Drag Boat Titles.

  • Victorian Drag Boat Titles,

  • Spring National Drag Boat Titles.

  • Bridge to Bridge Power Boat race

  •  Marj Watson Australasian Power Boat Titles.

  • Hawkesbury City Council

  • National Rescue Expo, Hawkesbury

  • OOO Emergency Expo, Walgett.

  • Opal and Gem Expo, Lightning   Ridge.

  • Convoy for Kids

  • Bathurst Truck Show.

  • Fire Museum Truck Show, Penrith

  • Eastern Creek International Raceway.

  •  Coolie Rocks On. Coolangatta (since 2010)

  • Sydney Dragway. Eastern Creek

With a background of over forty years in all aspects of the Entertainment industry including Radio, Film, Television and Club work. 

PINKY has the expertise, talent and skills to ensure maximum exposure for all parties involved in all types of show presentations.

Motor Shows, Hot Rod Shows, Motor Racing, Drag Car Racing, Boat Racing, Drag Boat Racing, Motor Bike Racing, Rodeos, Agricultural Shows, Special Events, etc.

PINKY is the "Golden Voice" of the airwaves.

   Seeing a gap within the Special Events Industry for a Professional Announcer, PINKY has highly tuned his talents, to presenting quality shows, at  all  times, and ensures he abides by his belief, ‘that every show is his first one’.

  Unfortunately, many shows are spoiled by ‘amateur announcers’, trying to assist. They lack the ability to communicate to the public, what is on or what is happening. Articulation is very important and again many major events are spoiled by monotonous, one level voices, or worse still, someone who loves to hear themselves on the microphone.

  PINKY utilises the microphone to maximum advantage, ensuring people do listen to what he has to say. His powerful, yet pleasant voice, is praised many times. Not only from the public, but also from the promoter, and more importantly the trade sponsors and trade presenters.

  A  former representative Motor  Cycle Racer, (Speedway, Short Circuit and Scrambles, now called Moto Cross), and a Life Member of the prestigious MO Awards, (number 118). PINKY has worked in all aspects and theatres of the entertainment industry.

  PINKY has worked at most major entertainment venues on the Eastern seaboard of Australia and has also toured New Zealand, due to his multi talented skills.

  With over fifteen years experience as Morning/Drivetime Announcer on Radio, PINKY has the warmth of voice, and the happy go lucky style which has endeared him to many.

  Ask PINKY how good he is , and he will answer, “I’m the best”. this is not  an egotistical statement, but an honest  belief in his own capabilities. Better still, don't ask PINKY.

Check out PINKYS multi talented skills with these leading names within the  major Motor and Promotional scene. 

  •   Brett Williams. Shannons Insurance. Sydney  02 8019 4167

  •   Ugo Giometti, SP Statewide Promotions  0418 256 049

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